Why Do People Make Their Greatest Gifts of God As Their Curse?

Mister. Charmer was considered to be a lucky man. He was tall, reasonable and handsome. Since his youth days, he was capable to attract the most beautiful girls of his college. He was not only good looking but charming. He had the ability to engage girls into interesting conversations and within no time get their heart. He acquired many affairs during his younger days and this individual married to a single of the most beautiful woman. Almost all his friends considered him lucky man, who got the Gift of Goodness being attractive, charming and intelligent. Nifty Gift Store

Twenty years later, Mr. Charmer has become a middle aged person. Yet he continues to charm members of reverse sex. Yet he is not a happy man. His beautiful wife now really hates him and does not want to speak to him. The girl had already threatened him with divorce. His children after learning his affairs too have sided with their mom and do not want to talk to him. Though several of his girlfriends are still enthusiastic about him, yet he is uncertain if they would like to marry him as his reputation of being flirt is now well established. He can now living alone as his family members do not wish to see him. He’s often depressed and even contemplated suicide. His Gift of God experienced now become his biggest curse. He feels desirous towards a number of his friends who are living a happy family life as they would not need the Present of God which captivated the girls.

The storyplot of Mr. Charmer had nothing at all new as everyone know some such person in our life whose finest Gift had become the greatest curse of his life.

If we notice closely, we may notice that everyone are born with some carefully selected gives. Some people are beautiful, many are intelligent. Generally there are many people, who are extremely creative and make beautiful pieces of arts and music. A few people are great authors while some are great actors. Many are extremely honest while many people are born with great courage. Some people are born with great systems even though some are born with great intuition. There are people who are able to see the future and there are people who find themselves great investigator as they can see the recent. Some are great orator while some have the surprise of sincerely and honesty.

A man can acquire many skills in this world with his work. Yet these presents are special and no person acquire them with any amount of effort. You cannot become as good-looking as Bill Clinton or as beautiful as Hatshepsut. There are few who can have business intellect of Bill Gates or the strength of Robert Tyson. There had recently been an incredible number of leaders in the world yet few experienced been as good an orator as Hitler.

All of us all realize in our lives that we can not be the best in every field as none of us could be given in every department and we may well not gifted in regards to our choice. We, consequently, feel disappointed and often curse The almighty for not making all of us as beautiful as some people, or as intellect and the some clever men. Yet most talented person land up in trouble at later part of their life as was the case of Mr. Charmer and understand that their biggest surprise emerged into existence their biggest curse.

The Gift of God

Suppose you are the head of your family which has an amount of members of all age groups. You have picking out giving some surprise to everyone. Will certainly you chose to supply the same gift idea to all of those or would you like to give different gift idea to all of them in order to all reveal their gifts and enjoy the life to the fullest? If would be most stupid of one to gift idea all family members identical cars or identical toy. If everyone has the same present, who would need other members of the family? The family will probably be combined together and enjoy as long as everyone has a different gift idea make together, they all have the presents which if shared with love would gratify everyone.

The earth too appears to be designed depending on this rule and it is because of this that everyone is given different gifts which makes the personality of each person unique.

The products are meant to discuss. For instance, the Charmer has the gift idea of making the girls happy due to his good looks wonderful ability to talk to them the interesting things of life. He was generous in appreciation which pleased all the Ms Beautiful who too had the surprise of beauty from Our god. Ms Beautiful was completely aware about her beauty and desired to enjoy the company of the boys who were rich, charming and successful. Mr. Charmer suits the bill and his company made them happy. Thus their mutual writing of Gift made both of them happier. Mister. Charmer got beauty and Ms Beautiful got the charming men which were desired by all women.

The mutual sharing of gift idea appears to be a win situation as Ms Gorgeous lost none of her beauty after their companionship nor Mr. Charmer lost some of his charm. Exactly where did they go incorrect? To know the answers, we have to know why we are given by God.