Tennis Bracelets Origins and Evolution

A tennis bracelet is an elegant and timeless type of charms that involves a number of rocks such as diamonds that are linked together with a chain and worn about the wrist. The roots and development of this bracelet to the popular fashion accessory we see today is an unique and interesting story. gold plated tennis necklace

Beginnings of the Tennis Bracelets

It was an event at the 1987 ALL OF US Open that spurred the fashion trend that is out there today. While celebrated golf star Chris Evert was playing in the Circumstance. S. Open, she was wearing a bracelet that consisted of a thread of diamonds. During the tennis match, it got destroyed and fell to the ground. Tennis officials briefly halted the sport so that she can find it. Via that point on, this stylish fashion accessory was dubbed the ‘tennis bracelet’ and it probably is a worldwide fashion trend with other sports stars wearing them as well as Movie celebrities. Today, you can find people wearing this stylish charms for any forms of occasions.

Evolution of the Tennis Bracelet

These kinds of bracelets were composed of a single row of stones such as diamond jewelry. These fashion accessories move as the wearer goes and a safety latch in case the clap breaks. Over the years these stunning fashion accessories have been created to include a wide range of different styles.

Not only can you get these classic bracelet, but additionally, there are different types that include varying colors. For occasion, there are pieces made of platinum, silver, and gold that includes orange, rose, and white. Presently there are even pieces that consist of different rocks such diamonds, emeralds, amethysts, cubic zirconia, and more. The price of a bracelet will rely upon the caliber of the gemstones. Cubic zirconia is a more affordable option if one is on a tight budget. They also vary in size, including the size of the gemstone. This is important to get the one which is not too small or too loose. You never want it to show up off so you want it to be comfortable.

Present Fashion Trend

Tennis bracelet are incredibly popular because they can be worn in any type of sociable situation. They are really elegant and complex and make a great style for any type of outfit. Today, the internet has become a fantastic resource to finding quality tennis bracelets at greatly good deals. If it is a gift idea for an exclusive person in your life or perhaps you just want to treat yourself to an exquisite fashion item, tennis bracelets are a fantastic choice.