Revenue is Sales and Marketing’s Responsibility

Responsibility finally is the willingness to be at cause over something, as opposed to being the result. The words ‘willingness’ and ’cause’ should be highlighted. Also there is what could be called “areas of responsibility”. sales and marketing courses

The obligation of a fisherman is to catch fish. Period. In the event that fishing in an area rather than getting bites, then the person fishing needs to relocate to the area where they do get attacks, and catch fish. Period. They cannot be successful by getting into a ‘blame game’ by attempting to channel their absence of success, or capacity to the weather, the EPA, or that not smart bait shop. 

The underlying part line for any business is two-fold – earnings and debt ratio. The divisions within the company structure overseeing these critical success factor areas are sales, marketing and funding. In different model, growth of earnings is the obligation of sales and marketing.

In the event someone within sales or marketing cannot get the job done the inclination is to look away from their own “area of responsibility”, and try desperately to find what is triggering those to are unsuccessful (A fatal move from cause to effect), i. e., marketing, client services, manufacturing, operations, finance, and so forth. We so desperately want to be right that we make an hard work to justify our brief comings, by now being the ‘effect’ of something or someone else.

My spouse and i recommend that we won’t be able to take the mantle of earnings production off from sales or marketing, since it is their job, their goal to catch the fish with the equipment they have, or find a different pond to fish in. What companies must do is to give you the tools to get that job done. Sufficient marketing plans, and satisfactory sales training are a must have for future earnings production.