Mulching Mowers – Robotic Lawn Mowers Provide Eco-Friendly Mulching to Help Your Lawn Grow Green

Coming from heard that mulching your lawn is one of the extremely effective ways to promote a healthy, lush and beautifully green lawn, and robotic lawn mowers are extremely effective mulching lawn mowers. But what is mulch? And why is it good for your garden? Mulch is defined as any material that is laid over soil to provide a protective covering up to enhance productivity. The main benefits to mulching your lawn are that mulch: robotic lawn mowers

holds water in the soil by avoiding evaporation
discourages the progress of weeds
provides nutrition to the lawn
This kind of means you will use less water and less fertilizer with a much healthier and better looking yard. 

The easiest way to mulch your lawn is to use the particular lawn clippings produced when you mow. As the clippings decompose, they return valuable nutrients to the dirt, including nitrogen which has contributed to a bright organic color. The clippings have to be small enough so that they break up quickly, and they must be pass on evenly throughout your yard. Mulching will also save time as you will not need to drinking water or fertilize as often and you will no longer need to rake clippings after mowing.

Since the clippings should be of a tiny size, to mulch your lawn having its own clippings you will need to either mow very frequently, or invest in a mulching lawn mower. People often think of purchasing a robotic lawn mower purely for the convenience of not having to mow your own grass. However, mulching is merely another one of the many advantages of robotic lawn mowers. Traditional gas or electrically powered mulching lawn mowers need a more powerful engine than standard mowers and therefore use extra energy to create the mulched clippings. Robotic lawn mowers run on rechargeable electric batteries and thus offer considerable cost savings to both the owner and the surroundings over these other types of mowers.

RoboMowers and Lawnbotts are the most popular types of robotic lawn mowers available and both provide good mulch although by different methods. Lawnbotts are programmed to slice your lawn frequently so that they just take off the very tips of the grass blades. This means the clippings are the perfect size for a good mulch. LawnBotts include lithium ion batteries that are even more eco-friendly than lead acid types. RoboMowers follow a more traditional mowing schedule and therefore cut the grass cutting blades when they are much longer. Their triple chamber mulching system cuts the much longer blades into smaller items, also providing a highly effective mulch and natural fertilizer. Mulching is merely one of the many benefits provided to owners of robotic yard mowers. However, there are significant difference between the various brand models, even down to which is far more earth-friendly.

If you have recently been thinking about purchasing one of these lawn-friendly/time-friendly programmed mowers, or are just encountering them for the first time, we encourage one to do some research to see if a robotic lawn mower fits your needs. Reading reviews of the different makes and models will be very helpful in deciding which one is right for your specific type and size of lawn, and for your own personal philosophy.