Mesotherapy Side Effects

Just like any other form of treatment, Mesotherapy can have Unwanted effects. Some mild and transient Side Effects that may occur after having a Mesotherapy session include swelling, bruising and pain or itching at the injection site. These typically subside in a few hours to a few days. One compound that causes such swelling when injected is the chemical substance lecithin. Some mesotherapists recommend the homeopathic drug arnica to reduce swelling. Even so, its action is actually not technically proven. More often, patients are advised to wear loose-fitting clothing, and avoid exercise for about two or three days following a Mesotherapy treatment. mesotherapy supplies

Other Area Effects at the shot site may include scarring, coloring, or ulcer formation. Oftentimes, patients may feel a tiny lump under the treatment site, which reduces or disappears after having a few weeks. When non-sterile injection techniques are used, infections may occur, some of which may be potentially serious. Most of these infections have recently been reported from some Southern American countries, where unlicensed individuals administer Mesotherapy treatments. It is therefore much better receive Mesotherapy from a board-certified physician who techniques good infection control.

Mesotherapy patients may have local or systemic allergic reactions to any of the compounds that are shot. These can range from mild to potentially deadly. Trained clinicians know how to recognize such reactions, and can promptly give appropriate treatment. This can be another reason it is highly recommended to go to reputable Mesotherapy clinics. There are occasional reports of uncommon skin conditions, including psoriasis, in the scientific literary works. Some of these are caused by the mixing of compounds which may have interaction with each other.

This is unclear what exactly happens to the excess fat that is dissolved in Mesotherapy treatments for dimply skin and localized fat removing. While Mesotherapy advocates declare this fat is damaged down and excreted, such claims remain scientifically unproven.