Ice Breaker Game Review Guide

Snow Breaker is a fun and addicting Strategy challenge game in which you have to ensure that the Vikings across each game level to go back back to their vessel. The only problem is, they’ve all gotten trapped and frozen in the ice! Utilize surrounding environment and cut away at the ice to free each Viking and get them safely back to the sevyloyr fish finder 360 without them dropping and drowning in the sea! Frozen Games

Gameplay –

Ice cubes Breaker is a real gem of a game, it’s sleek and refined in more ways than one. There are forty five packed out levels all with completely different templates and sticky situations that the Vikings have acquired them selves into. With cool graphics and stimulating platforms that will surely get your brain dealing with the puzzling hand built level designs. 

Using physics, balance, weights and the environment move the Vikings from their starting positions and by anyway possible get them back to their ship!

Controls –

Use your mouse to make slices across parts of the ice to free the vikings. Approach your mouse to the advantage of the display screen to scroll through the level.

Interface –

About the interface we now have:

*MiniMap – This teaches you a mini version of the whole level to help you plan your Vikings escape.

*Slices (Sword Icon) – Maximum of 31 Slices per level, the less slices you use the more points you can score.

*Vikings (Viking Hat Icon) – How much Vikings left in the exact level to save.

*Options Switches – Reset, Pause, menu and Sound Options

Images –

This game has smooth clean graphics with great water and ice cubes effects rolled into one. It has smooth motions and user friendly interface option selections and controls.

General –

Ice Breaker is an amazing strategy game in which you need to use the video games physics and balance methods to save all the Vikings in the area and get them securely back to the dispatch. With distinct graphics and addictive game play, this is one game that you have just got to have a go at!

Take up Ice Breaker now and try it out for yourself. Save the icy vikings trapped in the ice and help them get back to their longboat.