How Police Checks Prevent Hiring Mistakes

Employing policies within your enterprise offer an important construction to ensure that short-listing procedures are reaching appropriate outcomes for your business. However, within our discussions with business owners, were constantly concerned at how many otherwise diligent managers do not insist on law enforcement checks and bury their heads in the fine sand when considering to the dangers that they run when hiring new staff for their organisation. police check

If you are selecting long lasting positions, working with companies or giving short-term gain access to your work site or systems to an outside party you must take steps towards protecting the integrity of your secure systems and personnel well-being. Police checks are an essential first step in this process. 

The direct expense of robbery and fraud to Foreign companies accounts for huge amounts of dollars each year and the major contributor to these costs is scams. The Australian Institute of Criminology reported that fraudulence accounted for 40% of the costs of criminal offense in 2005. Surveys of frauds reported by firms estimate the average cost per incident at about $36, 000 for slight fraud and practically $1 million for serious fraudulence cases.

Many crimes are not reported to law enforcement officials due to the concerns by company owners that insufficiencies in their polices or practices will be produced general population. The negative press related to a fraud or major theft from the business can also make management reluctant to go public, with companies finding to fix such matters carefully. The possibilities of recovering stolen property or funds is also fairly low, which also diminishes the motivation to report (and make public) offenses against the company and thereby risk negative publicity.

The initial thing that business owners must do to limit their exposure to fraud and theft within their company is to take notice to the fact that perpetrators of crimes that entail deception are more inclined to mislead the next employer during the interview and application. A simple and inexpensive police check would expose an applicant’s criminal history – usually within 24 hours.

Regrettably, there is a high statistical likelihood that a person with a criminal arrest past will re-offend. Each of our advice to business owners is that they should be conducting police investigations without exception for all candidates. Economically, it makes you can forget sense to do away with police checks than it does to neglect insurance on your business.

Various managers quote convenience and security concerns when choosing how to conduct law enforcement checks. A professional screening process and verification company provides online ordering and delivery of police checks. Make sure you remember that your use of the results of a police check is subject to the Personal privacy Act within Australia so the provider you consider for checks should also manage to cater for secure and confidential distribution of results in your organisation.

Law enforcement checks are basic, fast and easy to obtain with an applicant’s approval. They are an inexpensive first step in stopping potentially large losses within your organisation.