History of Marbles – Then and Now

A brief history of marbles and game titles involving the use of marbles goes back perhaps before modern civilization. Undoubtedly there were many historical cultures that partook in some form of old marbles games. These different civilizations include the Both roman empire where marble taking part in was written about and ancient Egyptian where marbles were present in tombs. fairfax marble

On the other hand, these first old marbles were found throughout the world and show how far achieving the charm of the simple, old game is. Not only have marbles been found in relation to the Native American tribes but going back many years even further, spanning the world. 

The first old hand crafted marbles consisted of different materials depending on what was available, who got been using them and what they were actually used for. Typically, various basic stones, rocks and clay were used for marbles. However, it is thought that the term marbles comes from the use of actual pebble in their composition.

These types of old marbles and the styles remained essentially unaffected until fairly modern conditions. It was in Indonesia in the mid nineteenth century – 1848 to be exact – that the first marble scissors were invented make into use. These were created by a glass motorized inflator and were a mildew to be taken to create glass marbles. Thus the glass marble was created and the popularity of marbles continued to spread.

At this time however the glass marbles still had to be made from hand and molds. By the nineties there have been machines that were created to produce marbles, however these would not gain extreme use for many more decades. It was not until World Warfare I that glass marbles were created in large amounts from machinery, coming from the deficit of marbles due to the war itself. American genius and machinery got put into use and soon machines were producing a glass marbles en masse.

With these two developments, first of the glass pebble itself and then of the machinery to produce them, marbles have recently been able to evolve and expand to a large array of designs and styles. For example, the cats eye marble was made in Japan in the 1950s with the shot of colors in to the a glass itself. With different temp techniques many other results could be created such as bubbles, streaks and cracked appearances.

Of course today glass marbles are the most popular and the most prevalent. Beat marbles feature many colors and a swirl design. Additionally there are Terme conseillé marbles and a complete lot of marble varieties. Right now there are also other types of marbles used today such as mica marbles, while the old home made marbles and vintage marbles are rare and difficult to get. There are thought to be literally just several people left on the globe making marbles by hand today.