Garlic As Food And Medicine

New garlic, used as food and medicine, has as well as that dates back to at least 5000 years. It is bursting with antioxidants known to prevent heart disease, cancer and anti-ageing. It is cheap, safe and easily available throughout the whole season. For the busy chefs, garlic powder, garlic greens seasonings and spicy garlic clove sauce may easily be bought online. que pasa si comemos ajo crudo

Garlic has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. That increases digestion and removes worm. Garlic using its virocide properties, can be used to treat tonsillitis Make crushed or minced garlic herb at least ten minutes before utilizing it to preserve its disease preventing properties. Using garlic all together bulb during cooking seems to lose many of these diseases fighting properties. Having difficulty eating organic garlic? Garlic can easily be included into your everyday meals. 

Some common uses for garlic are as follows:

1. Mixture juice from crushed garlic herb with honey to prevent stomach ulcers and splutters.

installment payments on your Chewing pips of garlic herb helps to prevent tapeworm infection.

3. Eating garlic herb raw is said to help in the human body’s protection against diseases.

Every tested recipes using garlic: (can be replaced with garlic powder)

Steamed Garlic Chicken

Primary Ingredients:

1. Half a chicken cut into bits.

installment payments on your Two small pieces of dried shiitake mushrooms, damp and sliced.

3. Five pips garlic, sliced.


1 ) Season the chicken and the mushroom with light soy spices, sesame oil, salt, sugars, pepper and corn flour or arrowroot powder for thirty minutes.

installment repayments on your Sprinkle 1 / 2 of sliced raw garlic clove on the chicken.

3. Heat the oil in a pan and casually brown rest of garlic herb.

4. Pour the deep-fried garlic over the rooster.

5. Add in some red chilli slices.

six. Steam over rapidly cooking food water for quarter-hour.

six. Decorate with chopped spring and coil onions or Chinese parsley.

Garlic Flavored Chicken breast

Primary Ingredients:

1. A complete rooster cut into pieces.

2. Fifteen pips garlic (with the skin).

3. 3 dried chillies, lower

4. Three slices ginger minimize.