Gardening Without a Plan

Uncertain if you realize it but even “gardening without a plan” needs a plan. Ooops, wow! This kind of kind of gardening won’t require a ship-size plan but requires simply a little pre-thinking or pre-planning. artificial grass installation

What are the main facts to consider?

Where you live
What your area statement is (condo -living? ) 
What is your budget?
What are your goals?
Now, what’s your plan?
Condo Gardening

If perhaps you stay in a property or in an apartment, then your gardening might be limited to flowerpot gardening, or windowsill garden or patio gardening. Whatsoever the case, you could garden! There are ways to do this –even in apartments and even in the strictest condo properties. Ears open now?

Individual Home Horticulture

If you stay in a home, your own home, you might have less rules than a property has, yet, even in most communities, you have that “unspoken” rule, “green grass rules”! To not worry, you, too, can garden. You can still have your very own space, your own style and stay right in which you are.

Estate Gardening

If you stay in a mansion, yes, a mansion, you can still become a personal gardener for your own space. The key to happiness is in knowing or looking at that, yes, “YOU CAN EASILY DO IT”!

What’s your message?

So, what is your neighborhood “statement” or unwritten rule? Research you to learn what that is. Are all the meters bright green, no wholes in the lawn, just perfect, rectangular pieces of real or fake turf? Are generally the houses, cut, slim, unencumbered, and just plain the same? Because you look down the block, is it hard to tell one house from another? Will it look like the Stepford Wives or girlfriends live there? Really? Accurately what is the unsaid, unspoken rule of your block, of your community? Is there hope for your creative or different mind, right where you are? Yes, indeed! There is always hope. If you keep an open brain, and are able to really notice me, I’ll share my ideas about individual garden or “gardening without a plan”.

What is your plan?

Do you want your garden to look like a professional? Carry out you want your space to state, “Hey, landscaper here”! Until now want your green space to say, “Wow, that’s a great deal of work”! Or do you want your garden space to talk about, “Welcome to my wonderful, natural garden”! Or is your meaning, “No dog poop allowed”!

Are you gardening to bring attention to your cause or to your charity or to your line of work? Will Bonsai fit the master plan? Is definitely your plan to have people stop, pause and slow down in this busy city? Do you garden to advertise peace? Or perhaps is outside the house saying, “I believe in God”! Do you want the neighbors or people passing by to keep on walking or to stop and pause and benefit from the green space? Request yourself these questions and a few others and you simply might have a plan for your unplanned garden.


Could you afford the best for your garden? And/or you on a very limited budget? Is gardening part of your budget in a different way? Will be you going to develop certain plants just to don things in a food market? Are you ready to plant Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, and other herbs because you want to be capable to pick your cooking food ingredients every day — rather than shop for these things?