Flex-Flash Vs HTML5 – An SEO Perspective

For me, the iPad will change the way in which we do business and live our life. This is a daring statement but after picking one up at the store and seeing the potentially infinite possibilities, I do think this statement is exact. The anticipated additions to the OS (4. 0) to permit multi-tasking could improve this experience even better. One factor that has surfaced is the force by Apple to increase adoption of HTML5 for iPad friendly sites. This kind of could be just what HTML5 needs to develop. google api ranking checker

After researching and using HTML5 in test conditions, I wanted to give attention to how HTML5 could allow rich experience while keeping high indexability. 

HTML5 harnesses API’s and scripts to produce rich experience often times performed by Flex/Flash or other RIA libraries. Right now there are pro’s and con’s to using any of these libraries, but what the actual most sense from an SEO point of view? My vote is HTML5.

Although not as older as other languages, the standard holds amazing promises for RIA’s and SEO. The current state of SEO and RIA’s is dismal at best. Silverlight in the beginning held significant guarantee for SEO but having said that after several implementations My spouse and i have yet to find the power or impact of indexable XAML documents. Flash and Flex are no better (if not considerably worse). When Display 10 was launched, a great deal of hoopla was located on several SEO “enhancements”… again after trying to put these into practice it is often a lack luster impact.

HTML5 however is logically an improved SEO companion. Why? By simply using HTML. After a tiny implementation of HTML5, We were amazed in the performance of the site and the ease of use of the code. HTML5 uses various API’s and scripts to perform activities but shares the load between the machine and client side.