Explorer Pram – Phils and Teds

The Explorer model of 2010 by Phils and Teds is futuristic innovation with many user-friendly features never seen before. universal pram liner


Along with a great seats height and width to comfortably seat a 4 year old baby, it has padded cushions and side wings for that extra comfort. Listed here is a sole hand system to provide for multi position reclines of the back. 1 just needs to draw the toggle down to recline and push it up for getting the back upright again. For the desired position the slots in a video hold the straps strongly. 

Modes of Operation

These kinds of baby prams can be operated as single system, single system travel setting (additional car seat assembler needed), Travel system or toddler mode.


The harness has an additional feature that will need two switches to be pressed concurrently to unlock the funnel which helps to ensure that the greatest kid will find hard to play a strategy. The cushion padded shoulder joint harness features a QRB mechanism to improve or add seat pads with convenience. Adjustment of harness by twisting is another progressive addition.

The Canopy

The hood for sun safety is impressive with a “Follow the Sun” feature ensures coverage to the maximum. A compact engine which is standard to the double kit is equally effective.

The Deal with Bar

There is a functionally convenient handle with foam padded grip though a bit of play was obvious. The peak of the bar extends from 3 feet to 3. 6th feet rendering it usable by almost possible users and also incorporates adjustability with buttons on either part of the bar.

Storage area Space

The basket under the seat provides adequate space which may get restricted only in circumstance of a toddler keeping his feet down into the basket. You will find two large-sized side pockets in the hood and additional accessories can be added on demand.

Undercarriage and Braking Mechanism

There are 3 wheels each of 12 inch diameter. The front or main tyre can be turned through 360 degree and locked when required. The fastening system is firm with a distinct click on lock by a red lever and a fairly easy release. The two rear tires have been furnished with dirt guards which offer protection against a toddler adding leg or finger into the wheels.

Folding device

The folding mechanism of the explorer involves moving lever and then forcing big rectangular switch which does the single-handed foldable trick. The double package in the event of toddler mode needs to be removed former to folding. Unfolding can be achieved simply by holding a side red button and swing the stroller back into full size.


Even at the full capacity of sixty four pounds the pram was easy to enhance and convenient to handle over a myriad of rough terrain.

Add ons

Standard Explorer comes with a front bumper club and a flap for protection from weather. The double kits should be bought as an decorative accent. There are single and double rain and sunshine cover available apart from car seat adapter, glass holders, seat liners and so forth.

The Double Kit Kid Seat

Though spacious and well padded keep in mind that accommodate for reclining of the toddler which may be a slight problem.