Experience Really Is Important When It Comes To Prostate Cancer Surgery

With most things in life it holds true to say that the more used and experienced you would be the better your performance and this is quite certainly true with prostate tumor surgery. dr samadi nyc

One of the biggest issues with cancer is that, in spite of the best efforts of your surgeon, it has a bad habit of recurring in a quantity of cases. In the case of prostate tumor following total removal of the prostate by significant prostatectomy recent studies show that, while the likelihood of a recurrence are around 18 percent where surgery is carried out by a fairly inexperienced cosmetic surgeon, this figure falls to under 11 percent much more experience hands. Therefore exactly what do we suggest by ‘experienced hands’? 

A recent study examined just under 8, 000 prostatic cancer patients who experienced radical prostatectomy surgery in the usa between 1987 and the year 2003 involving no fewer than 72 surgeons from 4 major academic cancer centers about the country.

The analysis showed there is a very steep learning shape when it comes to carrying out prostate surgery and that it can take considerable practice to grasp this particular surgical strategy. Indeed, the study says it was not until surgeons had carried away at least 250 businesses that a marked improvement in recurrence rates was evident.

So precisely what can we learn from this study if we are faced with the likelihood of having to experience prostate surgery?

First and foremost it is very important that patients choose a surgeon who regularly undertakes this form of surgery. Indeed, it may well be a good idea to select a surgeon who specializes exclusively in prostatic surgery, or whose work revolves largely around such surgery. In most standard settings surgeons will perform such surgery infrequently, perhaps as rarely as only once a year, and this is simply too little to provide them with the expertise necessary to provide you with the best possible change of a low recurrence rate.

Against this background therefore your first choice should undoubtedly be that of a specialist cancer treatment center and a doctor whose work involves specifically, or very largely, prostatic surgery.

The study also showed however that there is a marked improvement in recurrence rates not merely for specialist tumor centers, but also for teaching establishments. This is because, within an educational setting, a great package of emphasis is located on supporting mechanisms to determine the outcome of procedures also to provide responses in order to create an environment in which continuous improvement is seen. This is not always the circumstance in non-academic environments. As well, academic centers often catch the attention of people who are especially interested not simply in the outcome with their work but in correcting their errors and bettering their technique.

So, should you fall into the position of needing prostate surgery then you would be well advised to decide to acquire surgery with an experienced and practiced physician who works in a specialist cancer center stored within a major coaching facility.