Eight Things to Consider When Buying Reunion T-Shirts

If you are planning a reunion (or any event) for the coming year, there is a mil decisions to make. 1 important decision is exactly what you will provide for a keepsake item. The goal is to make the reunion a great, relaxed, happy-go-lucky time, (with high presence and participation) enjoyed by all. Making keepsake items as meaningful and personal as possible can certainly be a motivator for participation so it is important to give participants something that is stylish, functional and affordable. makeyourowntshirt.com.au

Tailor made printed reunion t-shirts and caps are popular selections for keepsakes because they are all of the above. When ordering for a huge group, it’s important to keep costs down while obtaining quality products and planning is the key to success. 

It will not take much imagination to consider issues that can arise when ordering custom t shirts for a sizable group. Chat to any reunion coordinator and they will probably agree that ordering t-shirts for a huge group can become a challenge. I’m sure that if you spoken to enough planners, you would hear stories about misspelled names printed on shirts, or ones where planners didn’t order enough shirts to go around. You might hear even more about planners who continued to wait before the last little to order, who drawn their hair out searching for a “fast” printing service with overnight delivery.

Every group has their own way of selecting and distributing these items to members. The most crucial message is to plan as early on as possible and look at multiple factor (ofcourse not only price) in selecting shirts for your group. Here are some tips; particularly if you’re new to reunion planning, that might save you both money and headaches.

When looking at t-shirts, first consider your group plus your budget. What does your group like, in conditions of fashion, quality, colors, and many others? Just how much can you find the money for to spend per t-shirt? Check catalogs and online for shirts that you think will meet your requirements.

The moment looking at shirts, consider fabric weight, colors and sizes available, delivery charges, quantity discounts, production costs (which includes artwork costs) and the base price.

Fabric weight. The weight provides an indication of the number of oz . per yard of materials. For example, you could see a 5. 4 oz . 100% cotton shirt. Which means that the shirt provides 5. 4 ounces every yard of fabric and will be a lighter weight material than a tee shirt that’s say 6. you ounces. The 5. 4 oz shirt will be a good quality, middle section weight shirt that works well in hotter conditions. The 6. 1 oz . shirt is considered a premium weight shirt and will be absorbent, while holding more heat. For the cotton shirt, it’s good to be sure that it’s pre-shrunk so that when it can washed there exists minimal shrinking.

Colors and sizes are important in conditions of price. Shirts in colors are generally more expensive than white shirts. Several shirts have mid level pricing for “heathered” colors, like heather gray, lung burning ash and so forth And so if you’re looking for ways to spend less without sacrificing quality, look at purchasing white (or heathered/neutral) shirts. In many instances, shirts that are greater in size than an additional large (XL) will cost more per shirt. High sizes are also extra oftentimes. Also not all shirt styles are available in plus and high sizes.

If you need to provide shirts for a variety of sizes there are several tee shirt lines that carry “companion” shirts for men, women and children that are available in a variety from youth to plus and tall. Don’t mix brands if possible, choose t shirts in the same brand with a variety of sizes to keep colors consistent. Go through the available sizes and any extra costs for dimensions think about your tee shirt.