Ecological and Historic Preserve

Named for the Timucua Natives, who occupied the area, the Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve spreads more than a large number of sections of land Northeast of Jacksonville, Florida. The Preserve, under the sponsorship of the National Park System, comprises of Fort Caroline, Teddy Roosevelt Ecological Preserve, Kingsley Plantation, Ribault Club, American Beach, and numerous littler units. Every unit has a one of a kind story to tell. ekološki otoki 

The Timucua Nation settled this locale for a great many years. Both the men and the ladies were more than six feet tall. Shellfish and other ocean animals gave a significant part of the protein in their eating routine. Eight-foot high middens of shells with tree developing from them speck the Teddy Roosevelt Ecological Preserve.

Their first known experience with Europeans was with Jean Ribault and his French Huguenots in 1562. Catherine d’Medici enabled Ribault and friends to sail to the New World, for God, magnificence and gold (not really in a specific order). This was the start of the religious wars between the Catholics and Protestants in Europe. Catherine endeavored to ease a portion of the weight by giving Ribault a chance to investigate the New World. He cruised into the Mai River, a.k.a., St. Johns River and experienced the Timucua, who were well disposed. He cleared out a marker there and continued Northward into introduce day Charleston SC, where he built up a little fortress. Leaving a couple of men, he guaranteed to come back with fortifications and supplies. He was ease back to stay faithful to his commitment, since he was detained. When he returned, after three years, he could locate nobody there.

In the mean time Rene de Laudonniere conveyed three hundred pioneers to the Fort de la Caroline. One of gathering was the French craftsman Jacques le Moyne de Morgues who recorded the life of the Timucua on paper. These illustrations were later distributed in France. The Timucua and French were partners. Be that as it may, when the Timucua requested French help in a question with another gathering, the French can’t. Relations between the two countries went South after that.

Post de la Caroline was pleasantly arranged close to an eighty-foot high feign neglecting the Spanish vessels making a beeline for Spain stacked with the gold that the French looked for. The Spanish found out about the French nearness and sent Pedro de Menendez with boats of warriors to evacuate Fort Caroline. He arrived soon after Ribault came back with his men. The French boats were quicker and more flexibility than the Spanish ships. Menendez withdrew twenty-seven miles South and constructed a post there at introduce day St. Augustine. Ribault, against the counsel of Laudonniere, cruised his armada to pulverize the Spanish. A tropical storm struck them and they were marooned. Menendez struck back by assaulting Fort Caroline by means of land. Barely any Frenchmen got away back to France, including le Moyne. Menendez discovered Ribault. He slaughtered him and every one of his men. Were they the despised French, as well as Huguenots.

The present Fort Caroline is a reproduction of the first fortress, which lies some place amidst the St. Johns River. The Visitors Center has numerous intriguing presentations about the Fort, the Timucua and the region. A standout amongst the most fascinating items is a ten-foot tall owl totem. This was found in the bog close Gainesville, FL. It was cut utilizing shark teeth and seashells. With five toes on each foot it remains on a roost taking a gander at the bystanders. The feathering on its back is impeccable. Likewise in the accumulation is an uncovered kayak, which was not extremely helpful. In the wake of investing so much energy burrowing out the log, the locals found an inconspicuous bunch. When it was set in the water, it sank.

Over the St. John River on Fort George Island sits Kingsley Plantation. The manor house dates from around 1797, yet has been shut to general society for as long as seven years because of reclamation work. New displays are searched for gold house once it opens later on. The ranch additionally has a substantial horse shelter, a house that was the kitchen and elective living quarters; Union Hall with meeting corridor and representative living arrangements upstairs and numerous dark-striped cat slave quarters.