eBay – A Comparison Between eBay and Amazon

auction web sites and Amazon are both shopping sites where buying and selling takes place. Various people ask which is much better eBay or Amazon. Truth be told both sites have there own pros and disadvantages and assist individuals to get an improved understanding here is a set of comparisons. amazon seller xero

1 ) craigs list is popular for deals and Amazon offers set prices on products. Therefore the question arises which is better? 

When it comes to antique products or those products that happen to be in high demand, amazon is no doubt the best because auctions are a good way to get the their market value of the product.

However, most products are not collectables, these are generally the products which people will buy if needed and the chances are they will not auction for it. In this case Amazon will come in because it offers a fixed price.

2. The moment it comes to the payment method Amazon has its own transaction processing system which is called Amazon Repayment. Amazon collects the cash and deposits it in your bank account without charging any cost for this.

eBay members may have to choose a repayment method that they want this could be Pay Mate, collecting cash in person, money order etc. If perhaps they choose Pay Acquaintance payment transfer charges are deducted.

3. When it comes to return coverage Amazon buyers are called to a refund if the product would not convert out the way they expected. They will get their money back within ninety days.

eBay vendors one the other area of the coin side are not required to return the money to the buyer and are free to fight it out with a payment quality.

4. The sellers and buyers on eBay socialize with the other person a great deal. Due to high conversation, transactions may take a long time because purchasers may need to constantly ask the sellers about the item.

The same is not the case with Amazon. Buyers expect high quality services from Amazon online sellers and do not need to constantly ask about their item, if this has been shipped or not.

5. In Amazon . com sellers cannot target customers in order to promote their products the same as in eBay.

These are a few points of evaluation between eBay and Amazon online marketplace. There is absolutely no question that craigs list ideal some items and Amazon is best for others. Both have their own pros and downsides it is about you to determine which shopping site is best for you.