Carpet Steam Cleanings Most Frequently Asked Questions and the Real Answers

Queen: Why do some carpet cleaners advertise extremely low prices and when they arrive to clean my carpets they always impose me extra? Carpet Denver

A: This kind of is a vintage trick called bait and switch. Place simply, they want one to book with them so they make the price too good to refuse. When the cleanser arrives at your home you’ll certainly be told that you need to pay for very much extra products like extra treatment for stain removal, extra for an commercial clean, extra for medium to heavy soiling, extra for deodorising, extra because the purchase price you were quoted was for very small rooms, extra for sanitising, extra for scotchguarding and the list goes on and. A professional carpet cleaner (even at the risk of losing your business by telling you the real truth and the real price up front) will include any spot and discoloration removal, heavy soiling, deodorising… etc in the cost cited over the phone.

Queen: I’ve heard that once you clean a carpet it gets dirty faster. Is that true?

A: Avoid the two-step Deep Clean system. Residue that gets left behind in the carpet from poor carpet cleaning processes is what causes rapid re-soiling. A two-step deep cleaning process uses pressurized water and advanced cleaning providers to loosen soil. Then the professional technician utilises expensive truck mounted equipment they will remove the dirt and grime and the cleaning solution with a pH-balancing wash it out and use the powerful vacuuming, leaving your carpet soft, clean and free from dirt attracting deposit.

Q: When you clean my carpet, does the underlay or sub-floor get wet?

A: No. Whilst the Two-Step Deep Tidy system does use a very powerful, deep-cleaning dietary fibre rinse, the system concentrated amounts the rinse, the cleaning solution and the mud very effectively in the same step. That gets your carpets as clean as possible while giving your underlay and sub-floor dry.

Q: How long will it take my carpet to dry?

A: Factors like carpet materials and type, and the relative humidity in your house impact the drying time. That can take from 3 to 24 hours to be completely dry, (in some rare cases a little longer) but you can walk on it just after cleaning, if necessary. Ask about special boot covers. The biggest minus here is where a carpet cleaner think over the phone that your carpets will dry in two hours. Nothing could be further from the truth if you are having your carpets dry cleaned of paying extra for drying out equipment to be installed in your home. Try to not fall for the sneaky tricks used time and time again by sneaky con artists.

Queen: How come the 2-step hot water extraction the method most carpet makers recommend?

A: In order to get anything truly clean, you need to use water to flush away the cleaning agents and dirt. Water extraction is the method that uses a flushing process to get rid of dirt. (Imagine washing your garments and not rinsing them. That’s what happens to carpets cleaned with no hot water removal method. ) Two-Step profound clean system uses a two-step cleaning process: a pre-conditioning cleaning spray to loosen soil and a mixture hot water fibre wash and a powerful vacuum pressure to extract and remove both the cleaning solution and the dirt. In the event your carpet cleaner has committed to a good quality truck mounted petrol motivated machine then they have completed step one of doing a good and honest rug cleaning job. The second thing they will should be doing is the willingness to work hard to earn your trust and genuinely want to give you their best possible. If the carpet cleanser looks like they may be hastening the job you know their willingness is not up to scratch.