Are Coins Cool in Numis Network?

Gold coins are cool! This is the operating slogan of Numis Network, an MULTILEVEL MARKETING business that relates to lieu collectibles. People who accumulate coins as a hobby are sure to value this business. Here’s a Numis Network review that can take you through the pros and cons of the MLM opportunity. Management


Gold and silver are recession resistant commodities. A person would have noticed the within prices of treasured materials even when world financial systems were reeling under financial crisis. This is the idea behind creating the Numis network; a business that deals in numismatic money. 

Numis network was began by Ian Cordell, Captain christopher Kent and Jake Kevorkian with support from Robert Mezack, a noted numismatist. The three founders have vast experience in network marketing and their command is one of the major assets of this company.

What Is That About?

Collecting coins has been a treasured hobby for most people who know that the significance of such coins keep increasing with time. Numis Network features the system of grading to authenticate collectible coins and assist in ascertaining their value. The merchandise in this business is modern yellow metal and silver coins granted by various Government mints from all over the world.

Considering that the value of these important metals keep increasing, these are considered valuable assets to maintain. The coins are advertised as a worthwhile investment to hold along with gift.

The Opportunity

Presently there are 2 different ways to generate profits in this business; one is to invest in graded gold coins and wait till they appreciate in value. An additional is to become a partner in the industry and propagate the word to other coin collectors.


You can become a supplier by paying an primary cost of $75 and thereafter $10 per -month. In this category, you will have to generate minimum sales of $100 each month to be eligible for commissions. You can also become an Actions for success representative by paying initial payment of $299 and $99 every month. This package entitles you to a novice pack, a Silver Novelty helmet collectible coin, training videos, lead management and marketing programs and email marketing campaign.

A Binary percentage system is followed; this allows even beginners to earn a living on par with experienced distributors.

Why Sign up for Numis Network?

This is an MLM business with a difference. While many other network marketers sell health drinks or makeup; you would be bettering the financial health of your customers by selling coins. When stocking up on health products may prove unimportant in those businesses, you’d probably only gaining by keeping an investment of cash as these appreciate in value over time.


The company lays a lot of emphasis on grading coins to authenticate their value; however experts feel graded coins should be located at equal footing in value with non-graded coins. The truth that they are graded alone will not make these coins increased in value.


XAG Network – This is a future network marketing company that deals in silver precious metal Bullion coins. The price of getting started with this company is much cheaper than Numis since it is quite new. The MULTI LEVEL MARKETING Company has a 5 x 8 matrix which offers good scope of income for distributors. Appearing in prelaunch until 06 2010 there isn’t much to say until the company goes live. With bullion there is little room for markup and if the market dives so does the company.