A Social Networking Solution For Group-Shopping in Developing Countries

Carry out we eliminate the use of charge cards to buy goods online?
Can we devise a shopping model that eliminates visa or mastercard need for online shopping? In the event that therefore, could it be a real boon to the countries, especially expanding countries, where the credit card industry is in its infant stage? In such a condition, can it accelerate the development of online buying through the internet in those countries? If such a model encourages the local businesses too, wouldn’t be an progressive model even in developed countries? دکمه، شبکه اجتماعی خرید

Public Networking + On-line Store shopping = New Shopping model
All these above questions can be answered by blending two internet-world key words: Social Networking and Shopping online. Each one of them in their own respect is at the moment leading the human community to a fresh era of information management. Innovatively using the various flavors of social networking ideas through internet may certainly lead us to more efficiency and better life style. By combining social-networking and online shopping, we can form a fresh shopping model and show the earth a new way to make the group bargains powerful. Bargains could be performed by customers themselves, for themselves. There is no need for inventory with online-vendors or not really the drop shipping. Then simply, let’s see how it was made possible.

Just how the new shopping model works?
Let us believe that we a have a web platform that permits people to get formed into small teams targeting towards buying specific products. Upon formation of such groups, we allows the people in those groups to represent their own and bargain their prices from other local stores. Instead of bargaining for one, let them discount for ten. This certainly empowers them to offer with the sellers from an improved bargaining seat with bold voice. Assume further that the group is virtual and the chosen shopper-representatives need not get worried about who are in their groups. Don’t you think they will be much bolder and non-hesitant to exercise their own style of bargaining? That’s where this shopping concept appears much philosophical and combinations people closely into their bargains.

In short:
you. Aggregate buying intentions into bargain-potential groups.
Key factor: a group stands for a certain product and all its members are from the same city.
2. Collect quotations from the randomly chosen group users for their respective groupings.
Each group will have its own pool of quotes submitted by their group members, collected from their selection of local stores.
3. Web platform Measures and picks the best quotes from the trust and serves them again to their respective organizations.

How to integrate local businesses into internet shopping online world?
Now the question of “how this is going to increase the local businesses? ” develops. It is very clear that folks don’t travel too long for buying. Almost all of the times they tend to purchase from their local stores for various reasons. They will may loosen up a little more but not too much. I propose this model to restrict the organization of groups to the location level or a little broader geographical business such as county and districts. We will recognize the quotes from the people from their own cities and the teams will be formed only from the same towns.

Developing Countries and Fresh Shopping Style
As alluded in it, this new model can well be fitted into developing financial systems without letting their local businesses be stolen by internet world. The countries like, India, Indonesia, Cina, Brazil, Mid-East, etc could get benefited from this new shopping model. That they can utilize power of online social networking intelligently for forming the types, making successfully bargained competitive quotations by shoppers themselves, evaluating them, and talking between members, groups and vendors, etc. Every process in the complete shopping spiral is done on internet except the final and actual buying part. This kind of removes certain problems such as credit-based card issues, deviations between whatever we saw online and what we received, and warranties, trust levels in case of large price transactions, and premature behaviors and attitudes towards internet buying. The new shopping concept liberate producing countries and cause them to become engage into online shopping with free mind, as the new model is absolutely a cut version of current methods.