3 Great Tips For Wonderful Wedding Photos

Wedding ceremony season is after all of us, and that means a record quantity of photographs will be snapped in the coming weeks and weeks. Fotograf Grajewo

Of course, most birdes-to-be have figured out who their photographer will be – whether it’s a professional or a gifted family member or good friend. If you’re a shutterbug and plan on taking pictures at the wedding ceremony, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to enter on the fun!

After all, a marriage is a huge day for the asked guests too. So whether you’re a well loved aunt, a close aunty, or a life long friend, here are 3 techniques for taking wedding photographs you’ll be proud to share with the bride-to-be and groom, and everyone else for that subject!

Tip #1. Be prudent, but need not afraid to get the shot. Of course, a wedding is for the bride and groom, and you no longer need to do anything to call attention to yourself. Consequently during the ceremony, it could be best if you held your camera in the bag. Leave the soft ceremonial photographs to the person the bride has designated as her digital photographer. Unless, of course, she gets sought you out before and specifically asked one to take photos. And no, it’s not FINE that you can ask her if you can take photographs of the “You may kiss the bride” second.

Of course, taking photographs prior to the ceremony commences is properly acceptable. Just be careful not to interfere with the professional photographer and also the wedding party. And after the ceremony, everyone lightens up quite a lot, so as long as you’re being polite and discreet, you shouldn’t have any problem getting great photos.

Idea #2. Look for photographs in the crowd. The professional photographer will have the bride and groom themselves covered. If fact, apart from a couple quick shots, you may well not even want to take their picture, as they will both be very worried. The rest of the wedding ceremony and the other invited guests are another story, however.

Oftentimes the bridesmaids and groomsmen are overlooked once the formal wedding photographs are taken. Make an effort to get both everyday and posed pictures of folks in the wedding get together. Again, you’ll need to be discreet as they certainly have a formal function therefore you don’t want to interfere. But if you can get a honest picture of a bridesmaid holding a new ring bearer, that may just become one of the most memorable shots of the day.

What’s more, the professional photographer won’t know all the guests. Therefore you can take those possibility to get candid and posed shots of friends you know are important to the bride and groom. Maybe it’s a classic friend from high college, or a cousin from on vacation. The bride-to-be and groom will certainly appreciate your thoughtfulness if you get pictures the professional photographer is likely to miss.

Tip #3. Have a telephoto zoom lens handy, or use your zoom. If you are luckily enough to have a Single Lens Response camera and multiple lens, then you will want to rely generally on a lens with multiple focal lengths – a 70 mm to two hundred mm works best. This kind of way, you can get both close in photos and shots from further away. Also, have your standard 50 mm helpful for some of the posed shots you will take.

If you have a simple point and shoot camera, that’s ALRIGHT too. Simply rely on your zoom feature when you’re trying to get a candid shot. You can also use the zoom as a popping tool as you are framing your picture, cruising in on your subject matter and eliminating unwanted qualification.

Just by following these three simple tips, most likely sure to get a lot of really great photographs that you’ll be happy and proud to share with the star of the wedding and groom, and every person else at the wedding.